Last updated: 9/18/2017
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Romance Writers of America
 Chapter #199
2017 Program Schedule
February 18:
March 18:
Dec. 9:
April 15:
June 17:
August 19:
Sept. 16:
Oct. 27 - 29
Nov. 18:
Annual Retreat at Breezy Point, MN (a members only event)
Conflict - The glue that holds the story together and keeps people turning the pages. Join us for a power-packed presentation on what constitutes great conflict, why it is essential to your plot and how you can use it to make your novel not just a good story, but a great book that will appeal to readers.

Chapter host: Denise Meinstad
Annual Year-end Holiday Party

Chapter host: Stacey Wollschlager
AGM - Annual General Meeting to elect officers and/or amend bylaws if needed. Also plan educational programs and speakers for 2018.

Chapter hosts: everyone
Meeting structure
10:00-10:15 Meet and Greet
10:15 Short business meeting and

Writing Tools - What's in your tool box? Have you lost track of a spelling for a character? There are so many elements to a manuscript that keeping track can challenge anyone. Join in a presentation on various tools to make your job easier. Come and see what’s available and affordable. 

Chapter host: Diane Pearson

Page Turners - Passive writing stops readers from turning the pages. We’ll share secrets to help activate your voice and your writing in order to keep your reader interested throughout the whole story. 

Chapter host: Lori Ness

Emotion - Feelings that tug at your heart strings. What's in the heart of a romance novel? Why do we keep reading them? 

Chapter host: Angie Speed 

A Simple Solution to Comma Conundrums

Bestselling author Barbara Longley will speak on a sensitive topic to all writers—commas. Come hear her presentation on Sentence Writing Formulas. 

Chapter host: Denise Meinstad

Guest Speaker: Tips and Tricks on the Query Process by Kristie Belcamino 

Kristi teaches classes at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis and at LitReactor on how to navigate the query trenches and snag an agent. Before signing with her first literary agent (yes, she's on her second) Belcamino queried more than 100 agents, breaking some steadfast rules along the way before she received multiple offers of representation. Here are her tips and tricks on the query process. 

Chapter host: Stacey Wollschlager

2017 Past Programs 
May 20:
Publicity - This craft presentation covers Newsletters, Back Book Matter, Reviews, and other Marketing strategies for not only the self-published author, but anyone wanting to get the word out. 

Chapter host: Edna Curry

July 15:
Book Covers - The good, the bad, and the ugly. Covers do matter. See examples and Design tips 101

Chapter host: Shelley Schmidt and Stacey Wollschlager